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Blueprint for wellness

The students, families and community of the Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD) face increasing health risks that can affect their wellness, quality of life and possibly their life span. LAUSD is committed to providing an environment where students can learn to make healthy choices for lifelong health and academic achievement. The LAUSD Board of Education adopted the Wellness Policy that addresses student wellness for every school in the District. This Blueprint for Wellness Policy is the District’s wellness policy and guide for implementing a comprehensive health and wellness plan. 


Through the LAUSD PASSport, you can immediately:

  * Monitor your child's attendance

  * View final grades

  * Connect with your child's teacher through email

  * Update Emergency Telephone Information

  * Complete Online Applications

  * And much more!

The LAUSD PASSport is available at:


You will need the following to register:

  * A personal email address

  * Your child's student ID number

  *  Your child's name (as entered on your child's official enrollment form).


parent center

The Parent Center is here for you:

* Coordinating Volunteer opportunities at school.

*Acting as an information center for educational, medical, and community resources.

* Providing parent educational workshops.

* Planning special activities for our Washington Primary Center parents & families.

Parent Volunteer Program